Alli Musolino of Lil Ruffian is on of my closest friends, and we are always eager to facilitate one another creatively. When I made the decision to venture onto new ground, Alli and I excitedly began planning a shoot in her Ballard studio. The challenge would be making the space look as expansive as possible, so that we could create a shoot with lots of variety. We ended up tearing apart the whole apartment and making it into exactly what we wanted. It was a huge boon to the beginning of my journey!

One of the best things about shooting with other creatives is that you can work together on crafting shots. Alli has a huge mirror in her bedroom which she was opposite to for most of the shoot. She was able to contribute some artistic direction and ideas, making the shoot even more of an experience for both of us.

I loved this shoot, and I am so excited to share it with you as the first selection for my brand-new portfolio. Thanks for shooting with me, Alli!