Back in the day, Arika was my first client after I switched to all film! I shot her acting headshots in Volunteer Park on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Since then her career has really taken off, and she’ll be starring in Village Theater’s production of Into the Woods this summer. It was really exciting to get together and catch up on how we’ve grown and the directions of our respective crafts.


Arika is so amazing! She happily embraced my suggestions and overall vision for the shoot. I get to work with such incredible humans, in wonderul spaces. This image captures the reason I love shooting in peoples’ homes – there is so much variety and endless potential.

Lately I’ve been so obsessed with not cutting of the end of the roll that I’ve actually started cutting off the beginning of the roll by starting too early! Having only 10 exposures makes me a little crazy.

Thanks for shooting with me, Arika, and for braving a little cold! I can’t wait to see where you go next.