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This. Shoot. Was. The. Bomb. I met Karen for the first time on the day that we shot these together. She reached out to me after hearing about the project from a friend, and I am so glad that she did. These photos absolutely fill my heart up. It was a lovely winter day, in a
I'm pretty pumped to have shot with my good friend and talented wedding photographer Danielle Aaron! In February I hopped on the Bainbridge ferry for a shoot in her Port Townsend home. Here are a few of my favorites from the session. I'm so excited to have shot black and whi
I shot with Chloe on a mild winter morning back in January, and we created some amazing images together. Her house has so many lovely spots to shoot in, with light coming in through skylights and big beautiful windows. I met Chloe a year ago during a period of exploration an
I'm so excited to have photographed Andréa Campbell, creator of Plus Size Pioneer! We shot in her beautiful Shoreline home with huge floor-to-ceiling windows. It was a rainy day and I was glad to be in a home with great light and atmosphere. I found Andréa on Model Mayhem,
Alli Musolino of Lil Ruffian is on of my closest friends, and we are always eager to facilitate one another creatively. When I made the decision to venture onto new ground, Alli and I excitedly began planning a shoot in her Ballard studio. The challenge would be making the spac
Calista and I originally had plans to shoot at Carkeek Park, a gorgeous seaside spot north of Seattle. But the turn of fall brought a 40-degree morning and when we arrived we couldn't stand to get out of the car long enough to shoot anything. Instead we drove to her parents' be
I don't remember how I met Lauren Williams, but I photographed her when I first got into medium format, and it was so exciting to take her picture once again. On a sunny December morning we shot some casual but intimate portraits in her Capitol Hill home. I love this tattoo